Low-Code / No-Code
for Industrial Applications

Demo days are passé. These are real demos.

Startups from the Sente portfolio will be showing their latest technology platform innovations, discussing the choices they've made and answering any questions from the geeks, innovation leaders and investors in the audience.

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Event Overview

"Startup Garage" is a series of interactive events with Sente portfolio startups and ecosystem partners to show off and discuss their latest and greatest technologies.

Industrial IoT, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are creating huge opportunities to reduce cost, improve cycle times, improve safety, and open up new business models.


BUT... there are just not enough people with the specific skills and experience to work with these technologies - and especially those who have enough domain expertise to apply the technologies to specific industry problems. Much of the up-and-coming talent that has these skills has not been interested in working in the manufacturing, transportation or energy industries. It's just not cool.


How do we take advantage of groundbreaking new technologies like these if we can't find engineers to write and maintain the code, the domain experts can't easily learn the specialist coding skills, and there is no easy way to connect the coders with the domain experts?

Learn from Sente and three of our startups how "Low-Code / No-Code" is changing the game.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 
9:00am - 10:00am CST    (3:00pm - 4:00pm GMT) 

Stroma Vision
  • Netlume - Low-Code Platform enabling AI and large scale Industrial IoT

  • Astrakode - The new blockchain development platform

  • Stroma -  Real-time advanced work safety solutions

Watch the recoding here: