Corporate Partner Profile

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Scientific Affairs & Innovation Manager
Yildiz Holding | pladis Global

Özge Erdohan wears many hats at Yildiz Holding.


A diverse international conglomerate that includes major snacks brands such as Godiva Chocolatier, McVities Biscuits and Ülker, as well as foodservice operations and thousands of retail stores, the company thinks about innovation throughout the value chain of food (from farm to fork).


Özge is a critical strategic leader for the company and she is generous with her time and experience, from defining innovation priorities, providing mentorship and connections for startups, and guidance for investment selections.

“Entering the startup world was like a flashback that reminded us of the forgotten things at large companies. The startups' ambitions, their awareness of the problems they were solving and the fact they were building something with their own hands with limited capital - all of these were refreshing for us and forced us to thinking about the work we do."


"It is difficult to forecast whether a startup can "spread their wings" and run long distances with a big company like ours. However, the process itself was a good test of this, and gives the startups and our company a good way to test hypotheses and try (and potentially fail) with each new iteration. In orchestrating the process, Sente provided a critical role" -- Özge Erdohan

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We work with companies like Yildiz Holding as they have the desire to invest in innovation, have a diverse business footprint and international presence. They are a corporate partner that is actively investing in startups and "walking the talk" by using their products and solutions to create differentiation, long-term value and sustainability throughout their value chain.