Ozan started with one truck in Miami to move shipping containers to and from ports.  Over the years, he grew the business to 180 employees with over 150 domestic and international clients. 
Running a logistics business sparked the idea for Quickload, a digital platform to better connect shippers with trucking companies, especially for drayage services that move shipping containers. As shipping ports become more and more congested, shippers can rely on Quickload to efficiently match their loads with trucking companies of all sizes.

Portfolio Company Profile

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Ozan Baran

CEO, Quickload

“We work with Sente and have them as investors because we trust in them. We know that we don’t have all the answers to grow a digital logistics platform. We think that being part of a startup ecosystem means that we get access to the knowledge and experience of not only the Sente team, but also the ideas, experience, and technology of all the startups that Sente works with, and the investor and corporate partners that they have.”  -- Ozan Baran

We invest in companies like Quickoad because of the creativity of founders like Ozan, who turn to technology to develop a solution to everyday problems in business. 

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