Searching the world for innovative solutions and technologies to improve, automate and streamline agriculture in greenhouses and indoor growing environments

In collaboration with:
...are looking for innovative startups that are disrupting the indoor agriculture world. From October - December 2020, we will work with 8-10 startups to evaluate their technology strengths, business scale-up potential and investment potential.
Of these, we will choose at least 3 companies to pilot their technologies in a state-of-the-art growing facility.
Our vision is to build a "growing as a service" platform that delivers consistent, predictable, high-quality, and profitable harvests.
Example technology areas include:

Lighting Tech


Computer Vision

Operations Software

Fertigation Tech

Planet Data Technologies

Pest Control

Workflow Management

The program will include:
  •  An intense set of activities to analyze and evaluate your business that will help your company attract serious investors and customers
  • An industry conference that connects startups with customers and the venture capital community
  • Coaching on your product and technology and and how it can be used in different agricultural and horticultural applications
  • Opportunities outside your home geography (e.g. North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East)
  • A tight network of complementary technology companies that, together, can be more powerful than they can individually
More details to follow. Apply now to the program to begin the conversation, or contact us to discuss opportunities.




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