Innovations for reducing waste, decreasing carbon output and optimizing use of raw materials that help our industries become more efficient and more sustainable

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Sente works with international startups, global corporations and early-stage investors to innovate and scale industrial technologies, materials and business models.

The program is designed to take early-stage international startups to scale-up via a hands-on, structured investment program using Sente's proven methodology, tools, mentors and networks, makes investments in the top prospects, and connects them with Sente's network of corporate partners, mentors and domain-focused investors.

The program is focused on early-stage companies with solutions in the following areas. Applicants are post R&D stage (MVP ready or < 6 months away).

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CO₂ Capture & Reduction
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New & Upcycled Materials
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Sustainable Supply Chain

Program Partners

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Program Agenda (subject to change):

Startups will be accepted on a rolling basis, where we will begin investment due-diligence immediately upon contract signing, while also giving startups access to our network, mentors, and events for a full 12 months.

Weeks 1-5:

  • Sente's proprietary due-diligence process, where startups collaborate with the Sente team on weekly deliverables to fully explore their market, business model, pricing, unit economics, scale-up economics and fundraising requirements

  • Technical due-diligence with LogisticsTech partners to evaluate technology and fit for pilot projects

  • Mentor meetings with logistics executives, entrepreneurs and transportation-focused VCs

Weeks 6-7:

  • Finalization of due-diligence deliverables/process

  • Preparation and participation in virtual industry conference (including panels, virtual tradeshow booths, pitches and networking with industry, media, investors and startups)

  • Minimum of 5 startups selected for investment

  • Phase 2 begins - which includes another 10 months of coaching, monitoring and connections as well as pilot projects with program partners and extended ecosystem of logistics, manufacturing, transportation and food industry partners

We will host a virtual investor conference on Industrial Circular Economy, where participating startups will pitch their businesses and join in discussions with investors, corporate partners, all of whom will be focused and engaged on the topics of sustainability, waste management and circular economy.

​This program is highly structured and is tailored to address the key challenges international startups face, such as:

  • Achieving focus and cutting through the noise of big, complicated industries

  • Creating a sales & marketing plan to have meaningful conversations with customers in new markets

  • Collaborating with heavy hitters in the manufacturing, transportation, logistics, intermodal, infrastructure, communications and energy sectors

  • Estimating the required resources for market entry and scale up 

  • Finding a friendly ecosystem to test commercial hypothesis 

  • Getting access to growth funding and exit channels (e.g. IPO, acquisition) 

In Phase I:

  • Companies will receive hands-on training and mentorship on the above topics

  • Companies will also have weekly deliverables that are structured in a way to provide iterative progress on business plans, economics models, go-to-market plans and pitch decks that are investor-ready

  • Corporate partners and industry mentors will be matched with startups to evaluate their potential, design potential pilot projects and get coaching on their business

  • Domain-focused investors will conduct workshops and 1:1 sessions to help prepare startups for fundraising

In Phase 2:​

  • The top 5 startups will be selected to join the full version of the program. 

  • Selected startups will receive US$75,000-100,000 cash investment (in the form of a SAFE note converting to equity in a future qualified financing round) and option for follow-on investment (depending on performance) of $250k+

  • In return for participating in the program, startups will grant an option (warrant) to Sente to invest for up to 2.5% shares in the future, priced at current valuation

  • Sente will provide a full 12 months of hands-on support and access to its partners and network (and continues to support our startup family long after the formal program is complete)

Mentors & Connectors

Santosh Sankar
Santosh Sankar

Santosh Sankar

Founding Partner

Dynamo Ventures

Siobhan Brewster
Siobhan Brewster

Siobhan Brewster



Thiag Loganathan
Thiag Loganathan

Thiag Loganathan

Serial Entrepreneur