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Sente Foundry: International startup scouting, investment platform and due-diligence programs 

At Sente, we believe that innovation opportunities are everywhere.

We work with our investor partners, corporations and institutions to connect startups with innovative, scalable opportunities.

We are a global startup investment and innovation platform that brings corporations, public institutions and investors together to discover high-potential technology startups with inventive ideas and scalable solutions that can help solve today’s greatest challenges in the food, agriculture, supply chain, energy and manufacturing industries.

Our ecosystem looks to practical uses of technology to bring about a new future in two domains: 

Human Essentials

Technology-driven innovation for the future of food, agriculture, water and general human wellbeing.

Industrial Circular Economy

Addressing industrial problems with more sustainable, digital, connected business models and innovations.

Our Investment Areas


Along with our corporate and investor partners, we are currently working with entrepreneurs in these particular focus areas:

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Trailblazing and sustainable solutions to improve, personalize and lead the future of food and how it's produced

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Solving the inefficiencies, fragmentation, and sustainability challenges of warehouses, order fulfillment and supply chain management

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Innovations for reducing waste, decreasing carbon output and optimizing use of raw materials that help our industries become more efficient and more sustainable

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Investing in digital, connected, electrified and automated movement of people and things

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